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Green Burials

Eternally Resting in Nature

We understand that many families are not familiar with the concept of Green Burials. However, Green Burials are by far the most natural alternative to a traditional burial, allowing loved ones to rest naturally.


Options & Details

General Rules

No service arrangement will be accepted without a 48 hour prior notice. The property owner must sign the internment authorization and the financial arrangements for the charges must be paid 24 hours before service time.

No services will be held on Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve/Day, or New Year's Day.

Grave Liners Policy:

Modern Burials

Mountain Creek Cemetery LLC requires an outer burial container to surround the casket for any ground burial. A concrete grave box liner is the minimum requirement. Funeral homes may supply grave liners, and Mountain Creek Cemetery will charge a $200 setting fee.

Green Burials

Concrete grave liners are not required for green/direct burials. All burial items must be biodegradable (no exceptions).

Additional Green Burial Rules:

Family Participation

Families are given the opportunity to be involved with the burial ritual process as long as participation is deemed safe by Mountain Creek Cemetery and does not conflict with state law.

Burial Containers

Eco-friendly burial containers of any kind are required and welcomed, including wooden caskets, woven caskets, and shrouds.

Green Burial - About Embalming

Bodies should not be embalmed with a toxic embalming fluid, however, if bodies must be embalmed, then only a non-toxic embalming fluid may be used.  (See Green Burial Council.org)

Pre-Need Pricing

*Prices below do not include open & close, tent, chairs, lowering device, or labor.

*Required 48 Hour Notice for Burials and Must be Paid 24 Hours in Advance of Service


- Single Plot $1,500

- Companion Plots (2) $1,000 each

- Church/Group Discounts $800 (for 4 or more)

- In-ground Niche $300

- Companion Cremation Niches

(In-Ground) $550

(Double Depth - Inquire)

- Family Cremation Niches (4; In-Ground) $1,000

At-Need Pricing

(Pricing if Service is Started before 3pm)

*Companion Space pricing only available at time of spousal burial.

*Prices directly below include open & close, space, tent, and chairs (also lowering device as needed).

Modern/Green Burial (Including extras noted directly above)

Mon - Fri (9am - 3pm) $2,600

* Add Companion Space for $500

Infant Space

Mon - Fri (9am - 3pm) $1,100

*Must be all in one casket; Liner must be less than 3ft in length

Modern/Green Cremation Niche

Mon - Fri (9am - 3pm) $1,200

or for same hours:

Simple Service (No Tent or Chairs) - $400

*Must know the size of urn/vault

*Green Cremation: clay urn; no vault required

After Hours Price Increases (Add to Original Price Above):

Modern/Green Burials

+$200 on Saturday

+$400 on Sunday




*Any funeral scheduled arriving or continuing after 4pm will be $200 per hour


Mountain Creek Cemetery: Certified Hybrid Cemetery

Mountain Creek Cemetery has been certified as a Hybrid Cemetery by the Green Burial Council since September of 2019.


Outer Burial Containers, Grave Markers, Rules & Regulations

General Information

Mountain Creek Cemetery (MCC) is a new cemetery, located adjacent to Mountain Creek Lake Park and near Mountain Creek Lake in Grand Prairie. MCC reserves the right to adopt new rules and regulation without notice to families.


All headstones must be flat and only ground vases are allowed.

Disclaimer of Liability

MCC is a new and developing cemetery that will strive to create an atmosphere of tranquility and peace. As we develop, we will continually improve the landscape to enhance this final resting place.

Rules and Regulations

- No fences or glass of any type will be allowed on graves.

- Plants , trees, shrubs, etc cannot be planted on graves without permission of MCC.

- Driving off road is not permitted.

- No solar lights

Grave Markers

Mountain Creek Cemetery LLC restricts memorials to garden type (flat) bronze and granite. For information about these requirements, email us at MountainCreekCemetery2099@gmail.com

Should you choose to purchase your memorial from another dealer, you must have the dealer contact us for approval of your selection and proper placement of the names on the memorial before signing a contract.

Also, there will be an additional charge of $1 per square inch for oversight of outside marker installation.


Disinterments are scheduled at the discretion of the cemetery staff and only on weekdays. If the deceased is to be moved out of Mountain Creek Cemetery, a permit and licensed funeral director must be present, and the disinterment fee is $1,200.

Retail Price Schedule

These prices are effective September 2019 and are subject to change without notice.

The goods and services shown within are those we can provide for our customers. You may choose only the items you desire. Sometimes legal or other requirements indicate that you must buy items you did not specifically request. If so, we will include a written explanation of these requirements on the statement we provide which describes the goods and services you select.

Payment and Credit Policies

Mountain Creek Cemetery LLC accepts cash and credit cards as payment for any merchandise or services selected. Most merchandise can be purchased pre-need on an installment contract with no interest for a maximum term of 3 years.


Mountain Creek Cemetery LLC makes no representations or warranties regarding outer burial containers, markers, or other cemetery products sold by the cemetery. The only warranties, expressed or implied, granted in connection with these goods are the written warranties, if any, extended by the manufacturer thereof. Mountain Creek Cemetery LLC extends no other warranties, express or implied.