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Mountain Creek Cemetery - Rules & Regulations

Permitted Memorial Types

The reasons we don't permit most items other than flowers is because they tend to turn into trash as the wind blows through the cemetery, and also we want to be respectful of everyone else's loved ones within the cemetery.


  • No fences/rock outlining or glass of any type are allowed on graves

  • No balloons

  • No tarps

  • No Solar Lights

  • Plants, trees, shrubs, etc cannot be planted on graves without permission of MCC

Grave Marker/Headstone Rules:

  • All Headstones are Required to Be Flat

  • For Headstone Information Please Email:

  • Any Headstones Purchased Outside of Mountain Creek Cemetery Must Be Approved by Mountain Creek Cemetery.

  • Also, there will be an additional charge of $1.25 per square inch for oversight of outside headstone installation.

General Rules

No service arrangement will be accepted without a 48 hour prior notice. The property owner must sign the internment authorization and the financial arrangements for the charges must be paid 24 hours before service time.

No services will be held on Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve/Day, or New Year's Day.

MCC reserves the right to adopt new rules and regulation without notice to families.


Disinterment's are scheduled at the discretion of the cemetery staff and only on weekdays. If the deceased is to be moved out of Mountain Creek Cemetery, a permit and licensed funeral director must be present, and the disinterment fee is $2,500.00.


Mountain Creek Cemetery LLC makes no representations or warranties regarding outer burial containers, markers, or other cemetery products sold by the cemetery. The only warranties, expressed or implied, granted in connection with these goods are the written warranties, if any, extended by the manufacturer thereof. Mountain Creek Cemetery LLC extends no other warranties, express or implied.

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