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Mountain Creek Cemetery

Peaceful Resting Eternally

Mountain Creek Cemetery understands the importance of family and wanted to make the process easier for you and your loved ones. We know there is no right or wrong way to say goodbye. We’ll help you and your family create a fitting event that is personal, meaningful, and dignified, and carried out with the highest level of support and care.

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General Pricing

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At-Need Services

$2,550.00- Includes: Double-depth space, opening andclosing, and grave liner/concrete box. *The second burial will be based oncost at that time. The family will only need to pay for opening andclosing and grave liner/concrete box.

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A Double Depth Plot is when a plot is dug twice as deep for families to be buried in the same plot space, the first below & the second on top. Many families want to have a companion space adjacent to their loved ones but may be constrained financially.

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2099 Hardy Rd. Grand Prairie, TX 75051


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