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Mountain Creek Cemetery

What is a Double-Depth plot? 

A double-depth space is two plots, one plot on top of the other. If you recently had a burial and your certificate states you have a Double-Depth Space (1st), that means you still have one remaining plot on top to use in the future.

The top plot was included in the price of the first burial & the only cost in the future for the second burial is the cost of the Open, Close, and Concrete Liner at the time of the next burial.

Flower Arrangement


Ensuring Memories Live On

Why we do it.

Mountain Creek Cemetery understands the importance of family,  and wanted to make the whole process easier for you and your loved ones. We decided to already give a co complimentary space with each original purchase, or a plot that can also be refereed to as Double-depth.

Church Pew

How it works.

A Double-Depth plot is already made upon the original purchase, the gives an extra vacant space for you and your family. As seen represented in the picture beside, one plot lays on top of the other.

Image by panyawat auitpol

Who can use it?

We Only Allow People of the Same Family  to Use Double Depth Space & the Use of the Top and bottom Space Must Be Approved by the Purchasing Family Member.

Image by Ryan Crotty
Sunset in the Woods

Pricing for Double-Depth

Information You Need

At-need Services

$2,550.00- Includes: Double-depth space, opening and
closing, and grave liner/concrete box. *The second burial will be based on
cost at that time. The family will only need to pay for opening and
closing and grave liner/concrete box.

Green Burial At-need Services

 $2,200.00- Includes: Single space and
opening and closing of the grave.

Pre-need Burial Plots

$2,000.00- Please contact Hugo Salazar, Operations,
at (972) 999-5770 for purchasing information.

**Weekend Charge: (Saturday)- $300.00**

*Any funeral scheduled arriving or
continuing after 4:00PM, will incur a
$400.00 charge as a late fee.*

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